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Mô tả Sản phẩm

SP®KYD-AFN is a high-gloss Alkyd coating with Alkyd resin.
It is used for finishing coatings for wood and metal surfaces in construction, architecture, transportation indoor outdoor projects (immersion parts). 
SP®KYD-AFN is certified to meet TCVN 5730: 2008, TCVN ISO 9001: 2015, TCVN ISO 14001: 2015
The painting surface must be clean and free from impurities. The surface must be treated according to ISO 8504.
For metal surface: Must be covered with anti corrosive paint before finishing paint. Most suitable is to use 1-2 coats of SP®KYD-APQ or APM 701, 101 of SP PAINT
  • Only add up to 5% SPTHINNER 0003 if necessary, stir evenly.
  • If applying 2 layers of SP®KYD-AFN, coating time between these layers must be at least 10 hours.
Màu sắc:

As shown on color board

Hàm lượng chẩt rắn:

min 50%

Tỷ lệ:

10 - 11m2/liter/ 40µm (depending on surface condition)

Độ phủ lý thuyết:

1.15 ± 0.05g/ml

Độ dày màng sơn:

Wet thickness: 85 - 100µm

Dry thickness: 40 - 50µm

TG khô(23°C):

Touchable dry   2.5h

Hard dry  16h

Thời gian phủ lớp kế (23°C):

Minimum after 10h

Chất pha loãng:



Maximum 350g/liter

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