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Mô tả Sản phẩm

  • Good adhesion on metal and concrete surfaces.
  • Good resistance against abrasion, high physical impact, chemical.  Good color stability and ani-moss.
  • Extremely well heat resistance. Paint can be used for heated surfaces up to 100oC (non-continuous).

The painting surface must be clean, dry and free from oil, grease, other impurities and no chalking.
Please contact manufacturer for more info.

  • Stir the base part (part A) with a stirrer. Slowly pour the curing portion (part B) into container has part A

at a rate of 4 parts A and 1 part B. Stir evenly for 3 minutes until the mixture is homogeneous.

  • Use only solvent when required (maximum 3% by volume of A & B mix).
  • Mixing should not be left exceed 5 hours at 230C.

Cleaning tools and equipment after application with SPTHINNER 300 or SPTHINNER 305

Màu sắc:

As shown in color board

Hàm lượng chẩt rắn:

MIN 50%

Tỷ lệ:

7-9 m 2 /kg/ 40µm (depending on surface condition)

Độ phủ lý thuyết:

1.12 ± 0.1g/ml

TG khô(23°C):

Touchable dry after 4hours

hard dry after 16hours

Thời gian phủ lớp kế (23°C):

After 16h

Chất pha loãng:


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