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  • 10/04/2020
  • News


Why is Seamlock corrugated sheet widely used in steel structure constructions? Read the article to discover what advantages and disadvantages this cladding system has.

1. What is Seamlock metal roof?

Seamlock metal roof is a product line for roofing projects with large roof areas such as industrial workshops, gymnasiums, airports, railway stations, etc. corrugated sheets made from rolled steel, cold rolled into wave-shaped, aiming to increase hardness and drainage. The purpose is to make covering for industrial and civil constructions. - Specification, length cut as required. Seamlock corrugated sheets are usually directly rolled at the site.



2. Advantages and disadvantages of Seamlock metal roof


  • Seamlock roofing sheet helps create sustainable structures of the roof system even in stormy and windy conditions
  • It is suitable for buildings with low roof slopes. Because of the high wave profile, it will create a water trough to drain well.
  • Allow purlin spacing larger than conventional metal roof with high safety level, saving purlin cost.
  • Good elasticity with the temperature of the environment. Lightweight, easy to apply.

Despite of those strong points, seamlock steel sheet also has noticeable disadvantages such as:

  • Since the coil has to be split in half during construction, the edge of the sheet has no protective coating (Z, Az) which is prone to corrosion.
  • Standing seam joint type crush the corrugated edge, which can cause scratches and cracks in the crushed position.
  • Due to the small width (600mm), the number of joints on the roof will be greater (Seamlock 470). 

*These points may vary depending on whether it is Seamlock 470 or Max Seam 890.

Customers need to master the above points before deciding what kind of corrugated to use for their projects.

Seico Group is proud to be the leading supplier, erector of Seamlock and other types of corrugated metal roof in the market. We are always more than happy to answer all your questions.




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