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How to use Epoxy industrial paint effectively

  • 13/07/2020
  • News

Epoxy industrial paint is highly durable and corrosion resistant in chemical environments. It is one of the most commonly used paints in industrial projects, petrochemical refining, steel structures, ships and floor paint in factories, basements for parking ... demand for this paint, but it is disturbing and worried because there is no information about this paint. So let us follow the article below to get more details about the product.


1. Characteristics of Epoxy industrial paint

- Epoxy paint industry has 2 main types: Epoxy floor paint and 2 component Epoxy paint applied in many fields of industry and civil. This term is common to the paint industry, such as floor paint, floor or symbol for factories, warehouses or companies, businesses.


- A number of industrial paints can be listed based on its uses such as ship paints, car paints, rust-proof paints, fire-proof paints, heat-resistant paints, tennis court paints, acid-proof paints, etc.


Each different paint has different uses but its basic common ingredients include adhesives, pigments, additives, fillers and solvents.


In particular, a binder, or film-making agent, helps the paint color stick more tightly and is harder to peel off on the surface. Fillers help increase the hardness, gloss of the paint film when coloring, along with the control of sedimentation, drying time and construction works ...


- Industrial paint has flexible film, very high hardness and adhesion to help resist the impact and abrasion of nature and human impact on the painted surface. And it can be used on many surfaces of different materials such as concrete, cement, wood, metal and mortar.

2. How to use epoxy industrial paints most effectively
- Create a standard factory floor

The nature of paint is still paint. A coating that protects the concrete floor structure from scratches, moisture, dust and dirt, and makes cleaning easier. A factory floor determined epoxy paint from the beginning will meet most of the technical criteria and bring aesthetics, functionality, maximum life expectancy.


- Choose the line of epoxy industrial paints suitable for the purpose and field of operation

The variety of domestic and foreign epoxy industrial paints offers a wide range of options for businesses and investors. In terms of quality, each paint line has different advantages and disadvantages. However, in recent years, SP paint provided by SBC T&T has gradually been given more attention and credibility in terms of price competition but the quality is still guaranteed. Therefore, choosing the SP paint brand will help you save a small amount of material resources.


- Selecting a contractor of epoxy paint construction with good legal and capacity

This is probably the biggest headache for businesses and investors. How to choose a professional epoxy paint contractor will bring high efficiency and achieve the goals and aspirations of. However, legal factors and implementation capacity are two core factors to evaluate and choose an appropriate epoxy paint construction unit


SBC Vietnam Trading and Technology Joint Stock Company is one of the companies trusted by many customers because it specializes in providing top quality paint products.

Thank you for your interest and trust in our company. We hope to receive long-term and sustainable cooperation with all customers. We promise to bring the most satisfaction when you use products from the company.

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