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Product Description

SP®MORTA is a non-solvent based concrete flooring mortar, a three-component epoxy resin system, for seamless finishing. SP®MORTA is available in a variety of thicknesses for different types of floors. It is often used for medium-duty industrial floors and floors that require long-term protection against chemicals, abrasion resistance such as warehouses, laboratories, factories, industrial plants.

- Bearing, impact resistance, abrasion and very good chemicals.

- Can be constructed in thickness from 2-10 mm (depending on construction method).

- Freezing hard, no shrinkage when freezing

- Suitable for both dry and damp surfaces

- Resistant to most chemicals, oil resistance

- High mechanical strength, withstand vibration

- No solvents, safety and environmental protection.

- Packaging

On request.

Store in cool dry place. Avoid heat and flame.

- Tools
Suitable trowel, scrapers that can adjust to the film thickness.

Use 5 cm-stud-shoes for direct worker.

- Surface preparation

Floor requirements: New concrete floors require a minimum of 28 days to fully cure before painting.

  • Minimum moisture content on the surface should not exceed 4%. Ambient moisture content shall not exceed 85%.
  • Concrete marks must comply with concrete standards such as water/cement ratio, additives, minimum cement requirements as well as durability specifications.

Surface preparation: All types of damaged concretes that have sticky chemicals and dirty impurities must be completely cleaned. The concrete surface should have a good roughness to ensure good adhesion. Concrete floors should be smooth and clean. Small defects and convex surface should be applied flat to avoid loss of paint.

  • If surface preparation is completed the previous day, it is necessary to vacuum the entire floor. The best adhesion is obtained when the next coat is applied over the first coat without curing. If coating time is exceeded, the surface should be sanded.


SP® MORTA is a three component paint:

Part A: liquid, part B: liquid, part C: filler

  • Stir A and B separately to ensure that the paint does not settle in the bin. Pour carefully, slowly from Part B to Part A, using a slow-speed drill with a suitable stirrer, stirring for at least 3 minutes until uniformly.
  • Pour slowly the C into the mixed solution. Stir continuously while pouring, ensuring that the particles are mixed and dispersed evenly.
  • Pour the mixture on the primed floor, using an adjustable iron scraper or iron trowel with serrated edges on the surface to reach the specified thickness.
  • Once the specified thickness has been reached, using rollers continuously roll on the surface of the film to remove all air in the paint film, roll until the film can reflect people’s shadow (worker must wear stud shoes while walking on the wet paint).
  • Mixture should not be left more than 30 minutes at 230C.
  • Using SPTHINNER 300 or 305 for thinning and cleaning tools if necessary, not more than 2% by volume.

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