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Product Description

SP ® DUR- EFN is a solvent 2-component epoxy paint, cured with Polyamide or Amine. Used for decorative coatings, primers to protect machinery equipment, factory components made of iron and steel, concrete foundations in the chemical industry, construction and other industries. Do not use paint in places that are subject to the direct influence of sunlight.

- Good adhesion on metal, concrete.

- Excellent abrasion/ impact/ moisture/ chemical resistance, durable and anti-moss mold.

- Good heat resistance. The paint can be used for heated surfaces up to 1000C (discontinuous).

– The surface to be painted must be clean, dry, free from grease, other impurities and not pollened.

– The compatible paint layer must be clean, dry and undamaged.

Please contact the manufacturer for advice.

– Stir the base part (part A) well with a stirrer. Slowly pour the curing part (part B) into the container of part A in a ratio of 4 parts A and 1 part B. Stir thoroughly for about 3-5 minutes until the mixture is homogeneous.

– Use diluents only when required (Maximum rate of 3% by mass of A & B mixtures).

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