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  • 13/07/2020
  • News

 Instead of spending considerable time installing and dismantling formwork and scaffolding systems when building reinforced concrete floors. Now, we can completely use fixed speedy steel frame decks instead:


Speedy deck is a combination of shaped steel beam frame and corrugated iron bottom plate. It ensure aesthetics, without the need to plaster ceiling. Using speedy deck significantly saves the construction time because the installation of corrugated floor plate is much faster than that of formwork assembly (formwork panels are very small and short, requiring many studs to link the formwork together). Since the speedy deck plate is pre-welded with steel, it saves time for knitting the lower layer of the deck.

It is possible to proceed with pouring multi-level concrete floors at the same time because there is no need to use support columns (for formworks, we have to wait for the lower floors to be hardened concrete to continue installing the pillars for the next floor).

With the above points, you can safely use the speedy deck without worrying about extending construction time, thereby saving huge construction costs. But to reach the best results, make sure you hire the most experienced construction team for your project.


SBC T&T is proud to be the supplier and constructor of speedy deck plate with market leading quality. We are always happy to advise all queries.

If you have any questions, please visit the website: http://sbc-tt.com/, email: info@sbc-tt.com or call the hotline 093.451.8468 to be staffed by them. I serve the best. or go directly to our company at the address: CT4, Vimeco Building, Nguyen Chanh, Cau Giay, Hanoi to choose products according to your goals and aspirations.

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