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Commitment to quality


Facing an increasingly competitive market, SBC Engineering and Trade understands that in order for customers to put their full faith in the company, the quality of new products is the root of the enterprise's development. So we are ready to commit to customers:

  • Only sell products of clear origin;
  • Say no to shoddy goods;
  • Goods sold are always accompanied by the company's warranty;
  • The attitude of honest, dedicated, enthusiastic service.

Occupational safety


In parallel with the development of product quality, SBC Engineering and Trade also attaches great importance to occupational safety as a core value because the workforce is always the decisive player in our success. Therefore, we are committed to: advocating for strong labor safety, organizing regular training courses on occupational safety, maintaining works on time and ensuring non-toxic working environment.

Environmental responsibility

SBC Engineering and Trade fulfills its commitment to environmental sustainability through compliance with regulations and being certified by the ISO 14001: 2015 quality testing system. In the future, we are committed to continue manufacturing activities using environmentally friendly materials and strictly complying with environmental protection laws.