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Mô tả Sản phẩm

  • Excellent absorption properties, ensuring high adhesion to floor paints and most types of mortar surfaces.
  • Durable with water, solvents, chemicals.
  • Can be applied directly to high humidity concrete surfaces.

Concrete surfaces: Dust and impurities must be cleaned, grease removed by solvent or mild detergent. It is possible to spray high pressure water on the outdoor surface to remove dirt.

Fill cracks or flatten the surface with appropriate material. The surface should have a good roughness to ensure good adhesion. Surface moisture content ≤ 4%.

  • Stir lightly, base part (part A) and part B by stirrer. Slowly pour the curing portion (part B) into the container has part A at a rate of 1 part A and 1 part B. Stir for about 3 minutes.
  • Ambient temperature range from 10 - 350C.
  • The mixture should be used immediately, not to exceed 30 minutes at 230C.
  • SPTHINNER 300 or 305 can be used for thinning if necessary, not more than 2% by volume.
  • Cleaning tools and equipment after application with SPTHINNER 300 or SPTHINNER 305.
Màu sắc:


Hàm lượng chẩt rắn:

min 85%

Tỷ lệ:

6 – 8 m2/kg/ 100µm (depending on surface conditions)

Độ phủ lý thuyết:

1.12 ± 0.05 g/ml

Độ dày màng sơn:

Wet thickness: 125 μm

Dry thickness: 100 µm

TG khô(23°C):

toucgable dry 7h

hard dry 16h

Thời gian phủ lớp kế (23°C):

minimum after 16h

Chất pha loãng:

SP THINNER 300 or 305

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