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SBC Vietnam Engineering and Trading Joint Stock Company specializes in providing effective synchronized products for the optimal perfection of steel buildings and auxiliary products at home and abroad. Our flagship products include:

  • Roof and wall cladding
  • Industrial and fire retardant paint        
  • Z & U purlin
  • Insulation panel
  • Decking and Speed Deck floor 
  •  EPS foam block

We have a factory in Tan Truong, Cam Giang and Hai Duong industrial parks equipped with modern, synchronous production lines, a team of skilled workers, dynamic staff with many years of experience. manufacturing and construction. We are a big partner of many reputable suppliers in the country and internationally, so SBC Engineering and Trading products always have ISO quality with high applicability and price. Best deals for customers at all times.

Modern production lines, synchronized with a team of skilled staff

The guiding philosophy of SBC Engineering and Trade is "Innovation-Sustainability-Professionalism" and our service goal is always "Customer's faith" so we will constantly strive to improve. and absorbing customers' suggestions to upgrade capacity and material resources as well as build the brand reputation of SBC Technology and Trading Joint Stock Company, which is increasingly worthy of the trust and favor of customers. .

"Customer confidence
is our goal

Become one of the leading suppliers of construction materials in Vietnam through:

  • Maintain and endeavor to consolidate and develop all aspects: product quality, labor quality, brand value ...  
  • Promote and enhance the available strengths of the company in mass production, competitive price, product versification.      
  • Always prioritize environmental protection.     
  • Focus on human resource investment.

Our commitment:

  • Creating high quality construction materials & competitive prices to bring practical benefits to users.        
  • Promote research to produce more and more innovative products that serve the efficiency of the construction industry.